Do I need to wash your fresh produce?

All our products our pre-washed for ultimate yumminess and convenience, to keep stored in your fridge for the full freshness as noted on the BB dates.

Is Nature Knows fruits and vegetables nut free? 

Yes! All of our produce is prepared in a NUT-FREE facility. Our products are school safe and parent approved. 

What happens to my deliveries in the cold weather?

During extreme cold season below 0, being fresh products you would be required to be home to receive the order within the 3 hour window provided to ensure freshness to turn keep in your fridge( text will be sent to advise of your delivery time)

What happens if I have question or concern about the produce or my delivery?

Any concern or challenge with your order, please let us make it right. Advise us right away and we will do our best to refresh and correct as needed to your order request. We strive to offer the best of local and seasonal produce as our growing season allows, Contact us at [email protected].

Your opinions and feedback are truly appreciated and love to hear your input! Your pictures and testimonial always welcomed
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Why did the price change?

Subject to commodity price change upon major swings in the market/growing fields beyond our control

We reserve the right to adjust or change items to best suit our quality offerings with as much notice as possible to ensure you receive your items of choice

Why are some fruits and vegetables not available? 

We strive to offer the best of local and seasonal produce as our growing season allows.

Does you packaging contain plastic?

No – none of our packaging contains plastic. We create and produce all our 100% eco- friendly packaging right here in Ontario exclusive to Nature Knows. Our plant-based packaging contains NO PLASTIC. Our pouches are compostable and our snack boxes are recyclable and the clear windows are 100% compostable. 

How to dispose of our packaging?

Your garbage systems are all unique based on each municipality best to follow those rules To rest assured all our packaging is safe, non GMO and non toxic.

Place 100% compostable pouches in your backyard compost, or your green bin if your city allows, or garbage if not and know they will still biodegrade And for our Snack boxes, they are paper based so place in your recyclable bins ( Or if you have your backyard composter they will degrade there too as the window is our 100% compostable film).