Our Products


Nature Knows has direct access to farms and greenhouses to ensure you get the freshest food available.
We carry a wide variety of formats to best suit all of your needs. Our packaging is Plant-based biodegradable and compostable.
Most importantly ALL of our pouches are 100% compostable!

Single Serve Plant-based Biodegradable Boxes

We offer a variety of hearty, fresh, and delicious
produce. Our boxes are resealable & 100% plant-based biodegradable.

12 x 115g or 48 x 125g for Red Seedless Grapes, Snap Peas or Sweet Grape Tomatoes

12 x 75g or 48 x 75g Blueberries

Fresh Seedless Grapes

Fresh Blueberries

Fresh Grape Tomatoes

Fresh Snap Peas

Single Serve Compostable Pouches 

Single serve convenient portions, 100% compostable Corn pouches, they go right in your green bin.

All natural, No preservatives, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free – School Safe.
Yummy, fresh and healthy snacks are easy and fun to eat On the Go!

Our single pouches are also available in  60 x 55g cases or 12 x 55g family boxes

Compostable Family Bag

We offer a variety of hearty, fresh, and delicious
produce in our Family Bag. Our 1 or 2lb Farm to Table Family bags are resealable & 100% compostable ( Made to Order with Customizable Designs available) Check out the list!

Beans – Wax
Beans – Green
Carrots – Peeled
Celery – 7.5″ cut

Onions – Peeled
Mini-Sweet Peppers
Cocktail Tomatoes

Peaches – Local
Pears – Bartlett – Local
Plums – Italian – Local

Customizable Packaging

We love to collaborate – Let’s create your customized compostable packaging!

Nature Knows is proud to offer only 100% eco-friendly  Single Serve Pouches, Snack Boxes, Meal Kits/Bistro Trays, Stand up Pouches, Resealable Bags, Flow Wrap, Lidding, Sachets and more!

NEW Fresh Eco Lunch/Snack 2Go Tray Example with Breathable Window – Our Veggies & Fruit stay fresh 50% longer than plastics!

Ask us about our NEW high barrier compostable film now available. Expanding our Fresh offerings with high moisture and liquid items such as Dressings, Dips, Soups, Sauces, Marinades, Salty Snacks, Nuts, Granolas, Energy Bites. Imagine the possibilities, from Salad Kits, Prepared Meals, Bento/Bistro Box now with Eco- pouches/ lidding and NO plastic!

Did you know we are Canadian made, locally created exclusively for us right here in ON, Canada! With speed to market in just weeks, you offer only 100% Eco- friendly sustainable food packaging. Helping you reduce your company environmental footprint and improve sales and loyalty with your customers. Now more than ever conscious consumers are demanding and choosing companies that care, and willing to pay more for eco friendly products.

Partnering together we can best support your target audience, vision, and promotional strategies, creating strong successful sustainable food solutions.