Welcome to
Nature Knows!

Welcome to Nature Knows!

Nature Knows Ready-to-Eat, Fresh Fruits & Veggies. All natural, with no preservatives, nut free, & gluten free. Finally, a safe and healthy solution for all ages, to eat well on the go, anytime you need, anywhere you go!

With our convenient individual portion sizes, they are uniquely designed in sustainable formats. Yes, our NEW compostable pouches go right in the green bin or backyard compost! We provide 100% Eco-Friendly Solutions with our plant-based plant-based Biodegradable Snack Boxes,  Meal Kits and Compostable Pouches.

Our newest product is our resealable & compostable Farm to Table Bags! Our produce stays fresh naturally up to 50% longer than plastic formats.

Good for us & our planet. There is no waste with our pre-washed washed and natural sterilization process; Nature Knows produce stays fresh in your fridge for up to 3 weeks.  Ask us about our Foodservice, Grocery & Community programs.

Happy Healthy & Safe Snacking Everyone!


Our natural sterilization process helps reduce food waste, incresing freshness by approx 50% than commonly used plastic cups or trays.


Our produce is sourced from as many local farmers and greenhouses as our Canadian growing season allows. We choose farmers and suppliers with the highest quality standards.


Our specialized sustasinable packaging is proprietary custom designed proudly Canadian Made over 7 years of development.  It was created with two key goals in mind; to help us eat well conveniently while helping us protect our precious earth for generations to come.


Our snack boxes provide a FULL serving of fruit or vegetable
Healthy and Nutritious
Safely sealed, Single serve convenience
Freshness up to 3 weeks

Washed and Ready to eat

All Natural
Gluten Free
Nut Free
100% Eco Friendly Packaging (Proudly Canadian, Local Ontario Made)
& Plant-Based Biodegraable Packaging






Nature Knows offers their products in convenient Family Farm Bags.
Our “NEW”  Farm to Table Bags are resealable & compostable helping to reduce food waste. Our produce stays fresh naturally up to 50% longer than plastic formats. An array of hearty fruits and vegetables are available in our unique custom made eco-friendly packaging (NO plastic) .

Canadian Women In Food Gift of Goodness Program

Go to our order online tab to get involved in this wonderful program!

CWIF Gift of Goodness