Good for us and the Planet Too!

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Welcome to Nature Knows!

Nature Knows Ready-to-Eat, Fresh Fruits & Veggies Sustainably

Our fresh goods are All natural, with no preservatives, perfect for all ages and dietary needs! We believe eating fresh, real food should be as easy to enjoy as a cup of your fave java or snack food, yet withouth all that plastic!

We are Nature’s Fast Food

Helping you enjoy deliciously nutritious sustainable fresh food anytime you need, anywhere you go!  

With our convenient individual safely sealed portions of frresh fruits and veggies, to meal kits or family bags, packed ONLY with our Plant Based formats. Yummy good food you can feel good about while reducing food waste and plastics.   Our custom designed sustainable (No Plastic) designs are Compostable and Biodegradable. Place in the green bin or backyard compost, or Garbage to decompose naturally and safely with our plant based materials. (Check with your City or Town for Rules & Regs)

We are proud to custom create our locally #OntarioMade 100% Eco-Friendly packaging. 

Nature Knows is nourishing lives while helping you reduce food waste and protecting our planet. With our natural cleaning process and breathable high barrier plant based pouches and snack box windows, our fresh produce actually stays fresh naturally up to 50% longer than plastic cups or trays commonly used. 

Good for us & Good for the Earth

Here to help support your success with Foodservice, Grocery & Community programs.

Happy Healthy Safe and Sustainable Snacking! 


Our natural sterilization process helps reduce food waste, incresing freshness by approx 50% than commonly used plastic cups or trays.


Our produce is sourced from as many local farmers and greenhouses as our Canadian growing season allows. We choose farmers and suppliers with the highest quality standards.


Our specialized sustainable packaging is proprietary custom designed proudly Canadian Made over 7 years of development.  It was created with two key goals in mind; to help us eat well conveniently while helping us protect our precious earth for generations to come.


Healthy and Nutritious Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 
Safely sealed, Single serve Snacks to Sides Ready To Eat Convenience
Helping you Reduce Waste and Plastics, our Fresh Produce stays Fresh up to 50% more than plastic cups or trays commonly used. 

Washed and Ready to eat

All Natural
Gluten Free
Nut Free
100% Eco Friendly Packaging (Proudly Canadian, Local Ontario Made)
& Plant-Based Biodegradable Packaging






Nature Knows “NEW”  Farm to Table Bags are resealable & compostable helping to reduce food waste. Our produce stays fresh naturally up to 50% longer than plastic formats. An array of hearty fruits and vegetables are available in our unique custom made eco-friendly packaging (NO plastic) .

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Fresh Delivery & NEW Sweetheart Goodie Boxes 

We are super excited to have Nature Knows Fresh Fruits and Veggies available for delivery with our sister company FreshWagon. Enjoy Stress Free NO Line up Shopping, Safely Delivered right to your home or office. We are proud to be alongside an amazing array of local ON made gourmet foods to fresh meats, baked goods, sauces to snacks, tea & coffee, spices, meal solutions +more!

Sweeten up your Love and Spoil your special someone or why not treat yourself to a Gift box filled with local goodies.  These sweet gifts include NK fresh snacks – Perfect for Valentines/Galentines Celebrations, Date Night, Game Day and Movie time with the fam. Grab yours today while supplies last.

Delivery within SouthWest ON to Toronto GTA

Proudly Supporting local and Giving Back to our Community with Every Order. Giving the Gift of Healthy Goodness!



Have you Heard of Upcycled Food? 

We were proud to Collaborate with amazing green leaders, working with @ProvisionCoalition to bring together the first ever Upcycled Fresh Meal Kit. Featuring Nature Knows fresh veggies! Helping us reduce waste with our Custom designed compostable breathable window box and pouches, our fresh produce stay fresh up to 50% longer than commonly used plastics. Alongside amazing brands Abokichi with their Miso and Ramen Noodles, Vision Foods New Plant-based Muffins and Sunrise Soya Tofu who repurposed delicious ingredients into meals everyone can enjoy. 

Achieving millions of connections sharing our New meal kit during the Upcycled Fest we are now exploring and open to custom orders. 

Find out more how you can help support Upcycling and customize your own snacks and meal kits. Email us today : [email protected] 

Good for us and the Planet Too!

Proudly Local @OntarioMade

Local Ontario Delivery






Order Yours Today!


Proudly Supporting Women’s International Day coming up March 8th. Join us in Celebrating with the amazing Women owned businesses with our proud partners CWIF – Canadian Women in Food Find all the details here, though book quickly for this sell out event