Fresh Snap Peas: 12 x 55g Compostable Pouches



PreSale Fresh Snap Peas
Case: 12 x 55g pouches
These delicious snap peas are washed and prepared in Ontario. All of our packaging is compostable, made from plant-based materials.

Shelf life 12 days.
100% Eco-friendly formats that stay fresh 50% longer than plastic cups or trays.

Thank you for supporting a local Canadian company with our “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” pre-sale. Order today with Promo code NKSafeSummer. Our hope is to reach the presell goal of 75 x 12 packs by the week of July 1st, 2020.

We will confirm shipment by July 1st week as we are committed to doing our best to be ready by for the Canada day holiday kick-off yet subject to adjust upon order volume timing.


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